About the Artist

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Education: BA Fine Art first class Honors.

Masters in Art & Design advance practice & theories.  

I am a sculptress and fine art artist. I work in many mediums  Bronze  ,ceramic, glass and many other materials. 

My aim is to evoke an emotive and empathetic response from the

viewer. After extensive research working from history books and old photographs I eventually perfected my sculptural techniques in the production of life size figures. These allows the viewer to connect with the piece which often results in an emotional response. I attempt to reveal an unexpected aspect within my art, creating sympathetic undertones through a three dimensional realism of the scene.

My personal work is the production of making the sculptures in bronze / different mediums  in any scale from larger than life to miniature. I work in both private sector, charity, and public art environments.

I have work in the Red Cross Headquarters London. Title: Mercy for the fallen.

Commission For The Blind Veterans UK. Manchester Piccadilly Train Station. Title: Victory over Blindness.

Tamworth Council:  The Staffordshire Regimental mascot Sgt Watchman.

Various other sculptures throughout Europe.  

I welcome public and private commissions for any  further information please contact me through my email/telephone. 07716721566 / johanna.domke@btinternet.com.

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Inspirational speaker 

i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998.  i  had the illness for many years before being  diagnosed, I was told it was stress,depression and all in my  mind. I was in a wheelchair unable to coordinate and do the simplest of tasks when i found out through tests  i had MS. in a way I was pleased to know what I was dealing with.

I wanted to do something with my life and the illness that now seemed to dominate  me  gave me the determination to go back into education.  I believe with hope and purpose   we can conquer the battle.  sometimes its  not an easy road to walk there are  times my illness rears it ugly shadow and forces me to take a step back.

However, I am me and i have MS, MS doesnt have me.