• johannadomke

Self Portrait (Dean award)2011.

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

The objects are a portrait of the inner self, a hidden catharsis, broken down and sectionalised into abstraction in order to create essences for interpretation.

I have a soft and warm personality which is tinged with resentment brought about by pain and fear. I express myself using materials of contrasting shapes and structures. My leitmotif is a split personality, a complex mixture of sweetness and bitterness, brought about by intricate issues of sickness. My body is a site for representation of the sacred, the untouchable the unspeakable, the home of endless cocktails of drugs administered by a thousand needles. It encompasses the numbness and the pain, the love and the hate.

the objects of expression are ‘thingly’ images, things unmentionable and hidden in the complexity of the mind of myself, hardly daring to be exposed in case they are recognized

as a portrait of me, just as I am the good and the bad, the loving and the hated, so my material illustrates the smooth and the sharp, the soft and the hard.


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